Accelerating Operational & Financial Performance

Executing with organizations to deliver immediate and sustainable results

Supply Chain Optimization

Have recent events exposed supply chain vulnerabilities? Repatriate to reduce risk and regain control.

Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction

Why not achieve both?

Supplier Assessment and Development

Do you have a high-performance supply base with agility and reliability to meet your demanding needs?

Digital Transformation and Automation

Are you ready for the next generation to unlock new ways of generating value?

Operational Strategy and Readiness

A clear process for revealing the best path forward and retooling your business to quickly get there.

Accelerating Operational And Financial Performance

Integrating operational consulting, digital technology and technical / engineering services to deliver immediate and sustainable results.


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Client Testimonials

“I’ve seen many Consultants who say they can help but these guys are the real deal. With our upgraded ways of working we can now show clients we can be the partner of choice” – EVP, Industrial Construction

“We simply wouldn’t have been able to change our culture without the support of X/Celerant Consulting. This type of change just doesn’t happen when it’s directed from an office. It had to be driven at all levels, day in day out and you were instrumental in making this happen.” –  SVP Utility Operations

“We are beginning to make decisions more as a team, following a structured process. It is evident there is significantly more of ‘we are running this place’ versus ‘this place is running us’ attitude.” –  Client Project Lead

What We Deliver​

  • Financial gains are a multiplier of the investment in our services.
  • Projects are delivered in accelerated timelines. Financial objectives are achieved in months, not years and cash neutrality is reached during project lifecycle.
  • Firm commitment to measurable outcomes and results.
  • Fixed price and fixed time implementation. We bear the risk.
  • Projects deliver new behaviors, capabilities and increased levels of performance.


Delivering operational improvement on the shop floor and in the field, we are hands-on resources,
collaborating with your people and ensuring your success.

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Oil and Gas

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