Aerospace and Defense

Manage Industry Challenges

Aerospace has been under constant pressure to develop low cost yet sustainable practices, have a robust and well-developed supply chain, improve the effectiveness of their manufacturing and MRO capability, and to move with agility to manage frequent supply disruptions.

  • Skill & talent gaps: skilled employee attraction, retention and skill development, coupled with changing workforce demographics and evolving skill requirements.
  • Disruption of supply networks: demand and regulatory disruption of historic supply networks driving cost escalation and reduced availability of raw materials and components.
  • Network and lean facility optimization: need to quickly manage supply changes, facility efficiencies and a growth in services.
  • Digitization: advanced analytics and initiating a paradigm shift in agile manufacturing, smart maintenance and reliability programs.
  • Sustainable growth: demand for increased efficiencies while reducing costs and emissions.

Leverage Proven Solutions

  • Operations capability: facility lean optimization, service quality and effectiveness, MRO optimization and cost improvement
  • People and organizations: first line leadership coaching, employee training development, organizational (re)design and contractor management
  • Lean supply chain: supplier development, network optimization, planning improvement, procurement, warehousing and logistics streamlining
  • Capital effectiveness: Capital project planning and optimization for new / refurbishment of hangar construction projects and spares inventory optimization
  • Digital: Digitalization and data analytics, reporting and business management systems
  • Overhead cost management: SG&A cost optimization

Client Results…Case Studies

Optimizing an aerospace MRO hangar for improved productivity and safety

Operational excellence program supports growth opportunities