Manage Industry Challenges

The global chemical industry is facing challenging times, balancing the commoditization of produced products with regional growth opportunities with a massive disruption in supplied product sourcing. X/Celerant has the hands-on experience to help make the changes in a sustainable way.

  • Sustainability: Demand for increased organic production capacity and yield optimization while reducing unit costs and emissions.
  • Disruption of historic supply networks: Cost escalation and availability/ sourcing of raw materials; infrastructure programs for new facilities, energy and raw material feedstocks.
  • Cost optimization: declining margins due to the globalization and commoditization of manufactured products.
  • Opportunistic growth: Overall moderate growth projections with challenges in specialty chemical markets.
  • Deal realization: continued M&A activity with renewed focus for subsequent operational readiness and organizational integration.
  • Digitization: Automation and Industry 4.0 technical efforts coupled with retraining and redeployment needs of the workforce.

Leverage Proven Solutions

  • Operations improvement: production capacity enhancement, product quality & yield improvement, reliability & maintenance optimization, energy usage/ cost improvement
  • Supply chain optimization: sales and operations planning (S&OP) improvement, procurement and supplier development, warehousing and logistics streamlining and customer service
  • People and organizations: organizational (re)design, people and leadership development, contractor management
  • Capital management: Capital project planning and optimization, construction planning and management, turnaround/ shutdown planning and management, inventory optimization
  • Commercial optimization: innovation/ new product development, sales and marketing optimization, M&A operational due diligence
  • Overhead cost management: SG&A cost optimization
  • Digital: Digitalization and data analytics, reporting and business management systems
  • Safety and the environment: HS&E practices, people safety, audits and assessments

Client Results…Case Studies

Manufacturing excellence program increases throughput at largest hydroprocessing catalyst plant

Production run strategy improves a chemical manufacturer’s capacity to meet increased demand