Improving Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity

Results Achieved

Reduction in 16
maintenance crews

Reduction in

Reduction in annual turn-over among field operations staff

Reduction in work
order backlog

Reduction in
overdue well tests

Record BOEPD achieved
in a quarter

Client Challenge

Production operations were dramatically changing with regard to size, technology, and complexity.

  • Mismatched coverage to objectives and production levels
  • Unacceptable safety and environmental risk due to lack of field coverage and burnout
  • Over reliance on overtime and contractors
  • Operators of different skill levels and practices working with limited oversight and integration across functions leading to chaos, added cost, inefficiency and frustration

Key Solutions Implemented

  • New “Field Operations Model”, outlining day to day operations
  • Risk-based well analysis with different coverage needs and shift structures for all assets
  • “Foreman Area Teams” with dedicated Optimizer accountable for using automation to drive production
  • New sourcing, interviewing and hiring processes and a two-week onboarding and basic training program