Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Results Achieved

Annualized savings

Throughput increase

Best demonstrated performance improvement of 4 manufacturing units

Client Challenge

A global specialty chemical manufacturer engaged XCC to help roll out a Manufacturing Excellence program, The 2nd site produced approximately 20% of the global demand for Fluid Cracking Catalyst (FCC) and roughly 50% of the global Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC). Process control to quality was lacking and driving inefficiencies in the manufacturing process.

Equipment integrity was an issue. Emergency work was driving daily maintenance activity, where maintenance and reliability processes were deficient.

Key Solutions Implemented

  • Daily/weekly review meetings and supporting KPIs focused the area teams on the components of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) (Availability, Rate, and Quality) at the correct interval
  • Quality control plans developed for all production areas
  • Work order process installed with clear priority definitions, schedule loading targets and priorities and backlog management