Operational Excellence

Results Achieved

Increase in
production volume

Reduction in total
operating costs

Increase in availability on eight largest compressors

Sustainable annualized benefits vs. $3.1M target

Client Challenge

The company was facing a daunting gap of $1.20 to $2.70/BOE between the 18 platforms in its Eastern region as well as “best in class” lifting cost for shelf operators. A “More Barrels, Lower Cost, and the Right Information to manage the business with” mandate was hampered by:

  • Different legacy cultures and business practices due to recent merger
  • Reactive maintenance, operations and logistics activities without clearly defined strategies
  • Lack of performance measurements and communication flow

Key Solutions Implemented

  • Rationalization and removal of excess assets from the logistics fleet
  • Choke model and production loss accounting tools with daily reviews of actual production versus well test rates
  • Integrated Production and Maintenance planning system enabling optimization of resources and reducing reliance on outside contractors
  • FMEA on critical assets, updated preventive maintenance program with new operating parameters, spares policies and necessary modifications
  • Centrally coordinated daily/weekly boat and helicopter plan and review structure tying all functions into cooperative sharing of resources