Rapid Productivity Improvements

Results Achieved

improvement in
field labor productivity

Reduction of overall
cost to worth

Reduction in build cycle time

In cumulative benefits

Client Challenge

Our client a large construction company was awarded a hundreds of million contract to construct nine solar parks across 2 phases. Throughout the 1st phase, client was challenged by cost and schedule overruns due to poor management communication, ineffective planning & scheduling and worksite control, resulting in millions of dollars of losses. They needed to transform their way of working and not repeat the same issues during Phase 2.

Key Solutions Implemented

  • Analyzed Phase 1 parks to identify the root causes of the cost & schedule overruns and ensure they were mitigated in the phase 2 approach
  • Formed a joint implementation team for phase 2 work, hand in hand with the phase 2 management team
  • Implemented the key communication, planning & scheduling and worksite control tools to help drive productivity at each of the 6 phase 2 parks
  • Critical to success were 3 week look ahead meetings with leadership, daily and weekly communication meetings with all the different trades, and a daily look back to compare plan vs. actual