Improving Productivity and Safety

Results Achieved

Average reduction in floor space requirements per program

Clear, designated space for every program

Multi-purpose workstations created for use by additional programs

Reduced clutter, more aisles, and improved flow

Client Challenge

Our Aerospace client was under tremendous pressure from new private equity ownership to reduce overhead cost and minimize capital expenditures, while at the same time ramping up manufacturing and OEM repair capability for several new contracts spread across various programs. These programs were all housed in the same 50k sq. ft MRO hangar and experiencing issues with clutter from unused fixtures, equipment, and tools; safety concerns with uneven floor surfaces and unmarked aisles; outdated tools and consumables; bottlenecks at critical process steps such as welding and inspection; and resource constraints.

Key Solutions Implemented

  • Applied our lean layout methodology through a series of workshops to establish resource requirements, operational issues, and internal best practices
  • Developed an approved design with future state technical, operational, and tooling requirements plus product, process, and human traffic / flow optimization